Frequently asked questions

Who can use Wishful?

Anyone who wants to receive cash gifts, for any occasion - whether that be a wedding, birthday, graduation or any other kind of celebration that calls for gifts!

How do I receive gifts?

Create a gifting page for sharing with guests and share the link to start receiving gifts. Guests can give gifts via our secure payment platform using debit card, credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay. 

How do I see what gifts I have received?

Once logged in you will be able to see all gifts and messages you have received in real time, with reply functionality so that you can easily say thank you.

Who can see my gifts?

Only you will be able to see the gifts and messages you have received. None of this information is available to guests or visible on your gifting page.

When will my gifting page expire?

Your gifting page will expire automatically one week after your event date - this allows time for guests to send you last minute or belated gifts.

When will I receive my gifts?

Your gifts will be transferred to your nominated bank account within 5 business days after your gifting page expires (as set out above, this will happen automatically one week after your event date).

Are there any fees?

As a host, use of the platform is entirely free. There are no fees or costs payable at any time by the host.

A small transaction fee (3.5% + $1) is added to each gift and paid by the gifter (this covers credit card processing fees levied by Stripe, as well as our platform fee). Additional fees apply for non-Australian credit cards (totalling 4.9% + $1).

Is it secure?

Of course. Gift payments are securely managed by our payment provider Stripe. All information is handled in accordance with our privacy policy.

Can loved ones send gifts from overseas? 

Definitely! Wishful can accept gifts from anywhere in the world (these gifts will be in AUD and a slightly higher processing fee applies).

If I’m based outside of Australia, can I create a gifting page with Wishful?

At this stage, Wishful is only available to hosts that have Australian bank accounts.

Still have questions?

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