Our mission: transforming cash gifting

We created Wishful with a very clear mission in mind – to provide a platform for cash gifting that is modern, authentic and easy to use.



Times are changing, and we felt the cash gifting experience deserved a revamp.

Thankfully, the etiquette around wedding gifts has evolved. Couples are no longer bound by old-fashioned expectations of kettles, dinner sets and toasters. 

Wishing wells, being the physical boxes often placed at the entrance to an event, have become increasingly common for events of all shapes and sizes.

While this is a very welcome shift towards cash gifting, physical wishing wells don’t really reflect the reality of the cashless world we live in.

Enter – Wishful – no more last-minute dashes to the ATM!



Asking for what you really want is always going to be the most authentic experience, and we designed Wishful to enable people to do just that.

While there are a number of platforms available that digitise the registry experience, these platforms often use items as placeholders, allowing users to essentially redeem the items that guests bought them for cash.

Personally, we couldn’t think of anything worse than someone asking after the beautiful dinner set they thought they bought only for us to have to explain that it never really existed…

Easy to use


Wishful is designed to be intuitively easy to use.

For hosts, you can personalise and share a gifting page in minutes.

Guests can then give a gift, together with a beautiful message, all from the convenience of their phone via credit card payment, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Hosts can then reply to those messages, all within the Wishful platform.

Easy and simple, backed by Stripe’s secure payment technology.

If you haven’t already, sign up here.


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