Four ways to ask for cash gifts

Cash gifting is here to stay, but we know asking for money doesn’t always feel so natural.

Using a dedicated gifting platform takes a lot of this stress away – all you have to do is share a link to your personalised gifting page (see here).

Just like that – the hard work is (almost) done!

If you’re feeling stuck with what kind of blurb to include on your gifting page, below are some tried and tested examples. Feel free to adapt as you like and always remember to go with whatever feels right for you.

And remember, there is nothing rude about making sure you receive what you really want – gifting is customary across so many cultures, and the kindest thing to do is to make sure your gifts don’t go to waste!


Keep it simple


We are so excited to celebrate with you!


If you would like to give us a gift, we would be very grateful for a contribution to our wishing well.


We would also love if you could leave us a message below in lieu of a card.

Can’t wait to see you soon!


<3 Elle and Ben


For the adventure-seekers


We feel very lucky to already have all the creature-comforts we could ever imagine and your presence at our celebration is honestly all we really want!

However, if you are inclined to give us a gift, we do love an adventure and are currently planning our dream trip to * insert exciting destination *.


Your gift will help make our trip a memorable one and we are so appreciative!


Feel free to send us any travel tips along with your message below – we would love any recommendations for sites to see, trails to walk or places to eat!


Love always, Elle and Ben


For the artistically inclined


Our celebration is approaching and we cannot wait to share the occasion with you all!


If you would like to give us a gift, we would love a contribution to a piece of art for our new home.


We are so excited about finding the perfect piece to keep forever as a reminder of this special time in our lives.


So looking forward to celebrating with you soon.


All our love, Elle and Ben


New home energy


Hello beautiful family and friends!


We are so looking forward to celebrating our special day with you all.


By way of gifts (which are not necessary but are very much appreciated), we would be grateful for any contribution to our future life together!


This will help us make our house a home and ensure we have everything we need to eat, sleep and host in style!


Lots of love <3 Elle and Ben

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